Tarnished Silver or Wyoming-Gate – Silver Publishing Owner Has Allegedly Fled The Country

This post by AJ Llewellyn originally appeared on his site on 4/10/14.

It has been all over the Internet for approximately two years that Silver Publish, LLC, is a company in deep distress doing business in an unorthodox manner…its sole owner, Lodewyk Deysel, AKA gay romance author Leiland Dale, may have started with good intentions but quickly began not paying staff and authors, telling one lie after another.

And now, things have crashed completely.

I was the one who tracked down a former employee who told me that Lodewyk Deysel has fled. He went to South Africa on Monday. She took him to the airport. She had no idea this was going on. It was a fluke I tracked her down just now. She said he called her Saturday midnight. He told her he needed to leave town in a hurry. She sold his RV for him yesterday and had listed his TV on her Facebook wall – a TV that he bought out of authors’ earnings.

I begged her to take the listing down because she was aiding and abetting a fugitive from justice. She said the TV was already sold.

She was not concerned about the people he has defrauded. In fact she was very defensive. I was enraged to see her boating about the kindle fire “a friend” gave her and –

She even lied to me about the day he left. Look at her post, “chlling with my bestie at the airport”

I wonder which friend that might have been?

She aided and abetted a criminal. She sold his stuff on his Facebook

I called the police in her hometown of Harristown Township, Michigan, to report the crime. Dispatcher #31 would not help. He told me to call my local police. That I had to follow proper procedure.

“Pre owned Mitsubishi 60″ dlp TV in perfect condition!! $350. Only 1.5 year old!!!”

That TV and the RV are items that should have been sold for the authors.

He has moved out of his house and his stuff is gone. Goodbye royalties. He told her he has shut the company down.

As of this moment he is pretending to one staffer via cell phone that he is still in Michigan. She has now been informed otherwise.

He is GONE.


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