On Mental Illness, Dishonesty, & Swearing

This post by Jamie DeBree originally appeared on her The Variety Pages site on 3/24/14.

Just another manic Monday, right? It’s snowing. Again. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

There’s a link floating around (I may have shared it, can’t remember) drawing similarities between successful writers and the mentally ill. A little while earlier, there was this article on how creativity and dishonesty often go hand in hand. And of course there’s the meme that occasionally goes around FB about how people who use cuss words tend to be perceived as being more trustworthy/honest.

Ironically, all of these are somewhat depressing for me, but not in the way you might think. You see, I’m not mentally ill. Sure, I have a rather rich fantasy life that translates into stories which I then feel the need to write down and share, but while I may occasionally feel “down”, I’m not clinically depressed, and while I may talk to myself occasionally and have a “thing” about cupboard doors/drawers being left open, I’m not crazy. I don’t neglect my husband, I keep my obsessive-compulsive tendencies in check for the most part, and I live a fairly balanced life.

Strike one.


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