A Tale Of Two Author Brands

This post by Joanna Penn originally appeared on her The Creative Penn blog on 2/3/14.

Here’s an outline of my two brands and how they contribute to my business, as well as my recommendations if you’re thinking about these issues. I get a lot of questions about this topic so I thought I would address it head on 🙂


What is a brand anyway?

Whether you like it or not, you have a brand as soon as you publish a book, or you start tweeting, or blogging or anything.

It’s how people perceive you.

It’s the words and images that are associated with you and your books.

It’s the emotions and feelings you trigger in the person who notices you or something you put into the world.

Therefore, it’s important to control the perception of your brand.

You can do that by making sure everything you put out there in the world represents what you want people to see.


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