Facebook Is About To Get More Friendly—Just Not To Brands

Authors and publishers who use Facebook Fan Pages as part of their platform will want to read this article by Selena Robinson on ReadWrite.

Yes, Facebook is about to change its newsfeed algorithm yet again. Here are some highlights from the article:

Facebook went on to say that users weren’t as engaged with the service when shown more text updates from Pages. So Facebook is now telling Page owners that if they want their posts to appear in newsfeeds, they ought to feature photos or links.

The change is the latest in a slew of newsfeed tweaks that aim to put “higher quality content” front and center in the newsfeed. Facebook is trying to eradicate annoying memes and Upworthy-style articles by encouraging pages to share only interesting and relevant posts.

But Facebook’s algorithm changes also risk minimizing the exposure small businesses and brands can expect from the social network. Mark Cuban, billionaire businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team, pointed out last year that Facebook’s policy of charging pages huge fees for his team’s posts to reach more newsfeeds forced him to look for other outlets to share team updates.


Click here to read the full article on ReadWrite.


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