100 Tips to Be a Smarter, Better Twitterer

This post originally appeared on the Computer Colleges site on 5/12/09.

1. Set up your profile: Give people a glimpse beyond what your tweets reveal.

2. Include a picture: Make sure you add a photo of yourself so that your tweets will be more personal.

3. Create a simple and short Twitter name: The longer your Twitter ID, the more space it takes up, and having a complicated name can make it hard for people to respond to or mention you.

4. Just do it: Don’t just lurk-jump into the conversation.

5. Make your profile link something that tells more about you: Share your blog, an about me page, or any other page that offers more information about the person behind the tweets.

6. Share photos: Post your photos on Twitter to shake things up a bit and add some interest to your stream.

7. Use proper grammar: Occasional abbreviations are passable, but make sure that your tweets are readable.

8. Use your real name: Build your personal brand by choosing your real name as your Twitter ID.

9. List your location: Many people use Twitter for local networking, so they’ll be more likely to follow you if they know where you are.

10. Learn the lingo: If you don’t know what DM, @, RT, and other Twitter symbols and words are, look them up or ask.


Click here to read the full post, which includes 90 more Twitter tips, on the Computer Colleges site.


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