Author's Year-End Marketing Checklist

This post, by Stephanie Barko, originally appeared on San Francisco Book Review on 11/14/13.

Do you think of your writing as a hobby or a business? If your books mean business to you, this is a great time of year to evaluate how your 2013 marketing fared. Beginning now, there’s just enough time before the end of the year to assess performance-to-goals and plan for taxes.

Here is a list of questions designed to either save you money [this year] or expose some issues to correct before [next year].


How many books did I sell this year?

Which formats sold best?

Do I want to put my 2013 title out in another format or publish my next book or both?

Did I sell branded merchandise this year? Do sales indicate that it was priced right?

Do I want to merchandise my brand next year?



Do I have the right amount of expenses to offset sales?


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