10 Steps to Finding Your Writing Voice

This post, by Jeff Goins, originally appeared on his site.

Recently, I wrote a guest post for Problogger called, “Finding Your Blog’s Unique Voice.” In the post, I explain the following:

  • Your blog needs a voice.
  • It needs to be exclusive.
  • It has to be authentically you.

Here, I want to share a little bit about how to find your voice. This, I believe, is the greatest struggle for writers. It’s also the key to unlocking your potential. Spending some time deliberating over voice is worth your attention and focus.

Whether you blog for fun, write novels, craft poems, pencil melodies, or inspire people with nonfiction prose, it’s essential for you to find your unique writing voice.

If you struggle with retaining readers or with being consistent in your writing, you may need to spend some time finding and developing your voice.

An Exercise for Finding Your Writing Voice

Here’s a short exercise that can help you:

  1. Describe yourself in three adjectives. Example: snarky, fun, and flirty.
  2. Ask (and answer) the question: “Is this how I talk?”
  3. Imagine your ideal reader. Describe him in detail. Then, write to him, and only him. Example: My ideal reader is smart. He has a sense of humor, a short attention span, and is pretty savvy when it comes to technology and pop culture. He’s sarcastic and fun, but doesn’t like to waste time. And he loves pizza.
  4. Jot down at least five books, articles, or blogs you like to read. Spend some time examining them. How are they alike? How are they different? What about how they’re written intrigues you? Often what we admire is what we aspire to be.
    Example: Copyblogger, Chris Brogan, Seth Godin, Ernest Hemingway, and C.S. Lewis. I like these writers, because their writing is intelligent, pithy, and poignant.


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