Publetariat Omnibus Now Available: The Best of the First Four Years

Believe it or not, Publetariat turns five years old this coming February. In light of this milestone, and the massive quantity of content here on the site, Publetariat has released a compilation ebook in Kindle format (which you don’t need a Kindle device to read, there’s a free Kindle reader app available for PC, Mac and mobile devices).

Publetariat Omnibus 2008 – 2012: The Most Popular and Practical Posts From The First Four Years of Publetariat is now available. This book includes 67 how-to, advice and commentary articles, written by Alan Baxter, Julian Block, Mark Coker, Melissa Conway, Nick Daws, Joel Friedlander, April L. Hamilton, Joseph C. Kunz Jr., Cheri Lasota, M. Louisa Locke, Shannon O’Neil, Joanna Penn, Virginia Ripple, Fay Risner, Mick Rooney, L.J. Sellers, Dana Lynn Smith, Bob Spear, Richard Sutton and Toni Tesori. Click through to view the full Table of Contents.


All the best stuff is here: excellent self-editing advice, a cover design and ad design walk-through, tax tips, business advice, advice for dealing with internet defamation, tips and how-to’s for author platform, social media and book promotion, copy-and-paste boilerplate copyright page examples, craft advice, publishing advice, a podcasting how-to, a little bit of fun, and lots more! 


1: Learning to Wait

2: Indie Author vs. Indie Entrepreneur

3: 7 Links To Encourage The Writer In You

4: How a Traditional Publisher Could Harm a Writer’s Career

5: Goal Setting For Writers

6: Musings On POD Publishers And The Music Business

7: Managing Expectations: Patience and Perspective in Indie Publishing

8: The Formula For Success And Life In The Way



1: Outlining: Straightjacket Or Lifeline?

2. The Fear Factor

3: 11 Resources To Make Editing Your Novel Easier

4: Writing Detail: Finding The Right Balance

5: 6 Dialogue Traps To Avoid

6. Five Mistakes of New Fiction Writers

7. What Readers Hate

8: Seven Links To Understanding (And Finding) Beta Readers

9: How To Be Your Own Best Editor, Pt. 1

10: How To Be Your Own Best Editor, Pt. 2

11: How To Be Your Own Best Editor, Pt. 3

12: The Greengrocer’s Apostrophe, and Why You Shouldn’t Buy It!

13: Working With An Editor: Got My Edits Back. Now What?

14: The Power Of Strong Characterisation – Dexter Morgan

15: Why Writers Should Always “Give It A Week”



1: Crafting a Cover: A Do-It-Yourself Sermon in Two or Three Parts…

2: Crafting a Cover, Part II…Making Relationships Work….

3: Crafting Your Back Cover — The Selling Continues….

4: Small Ads Can Be Beautiful And Work, Too!

5: When Redesigning Your Site Or Blog, Don’t Forget To Grandfather

6: Copyright Page Samples You Can Copy and Paste Into Your Book



1: Ebook Madness: Don’t Confuse Ebook Conversion With Ebook Formatting!

2: Peeling Away The Layers of Confusion

3: The Truth About CreateSpace’s Free ISBNs

4: Traditional Publishing And Self-Publishing Are Not Mutually Exclusive

5: Harlequin Horizons & Thomas Nelson West Bow Press: Good For These Publishers and Author Solutions, Inc., Bad For Indie Authors

6: How To Create A Podcast



1: Does Social Networking Really Sell Books?

2: Secrets of Ebook Marketing, Excerpt Trades & the Future of Enhanced Ebooks

3: Regional Bookseller Organizations

4: 7 Reasons You Need A Facebook Fan Page

5: Create Hard-Hitting Ads for Your Book…

6: How To Lose Fans And Alienate People

7: Are You Making These 7 Book Marketing Mistakes?

8: Preparing For A Book Sale

9: Update on Categories and Keywords: Why Authors Should Still Care

10: Build Your Author Platform Through Guest Posts

11: Do We Know The Author?

12: Help! My Book Isn’t Selling. 10 Questions You Need To Answer Honestly If You Want To Sell More Books.

13: Email Service Roundup


Business End

1: Significant Reader Trends

2: The 70 Per Cent Solution

3: Write For All You’re Worth

4: 10 Signs That You Are Not Ready To Self-Publish

5: Jump-Start Your Self-Publishing Adventure in 10 Steps

6: Avast Ye Lubbers, And Hear Ye Me Pirate Tale of Two Clicks!

7: The Future of Book Publishing: Risk Shifts To Author

8: Internet Defamation, Author Platform And You

9: Splurge & Save: How To Be A Thrifty Indie!

10: Writers’ and Other Freelancers’ Tax Questions Answered

11: Dress For Success: Just Don’t Expect The IRS To Help You Foot The Bill

12: KDP Select Free Promotion — Discoverability Experiment: One Month Later and Feeling Fine!

13: Simple Steps to a Successful KDP Select Free Promotion

14: Lessons Learned From 1 Year As A Fulltime Author Entrepreneur


Lighter Side Of The Writing Life

1: Indie Author: THE GAME

2: How To Write The Best Critique Ever

3: Top 10 Reasons Not To Be A Writer

4: An Author’s Field Guide To Internet Trolls

5: The Writer’s Night Before Christmas



So whether for yourself or a writing friend, Publetariat Omnibus 2008 – 2012: The Most Popular and Practical Posts From The First Four Years of Publetariat  is an invaluable resource you’ll find yourself (or your friend will find himself!) referring to again and again. 


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