Why Your Idea Isn’t Spreading (The Salesman’s Problem)

This post, by Jeff Goins, originally appeared on his site.

This one’s inspired by you, Mr. Pushy Salesman who tried to sell me a home security system by coercing and shaming me (instead of wooing and charming me):

What? You don’t want your family to be safe?

Yeah, buddy. This list’s for you and all those like you who try to convince the customer to do what you want instead of empowering him to make the right decision.

Please stop this

Here’s why your idea isn’t spreading, why your product isn’t selling, and/or why people generally don’t want to listen to you:

  • You’re too pushy.
  • You’re impatient.
  • You don’t solve a real problem.
  • You insulted me.
  • You’re rude.
  • You put your needs before my own.


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