Publshed but NEW here!

Here I am at this wonderfully interesting site! I’m not only new but practically computer illiterate but what I lack in expertise I try to make up for with perseverance (ie – stubborn-failure is not an option – LOL). At the moment it’s practically impossible to get away from me if you’re a reader since I’ve got something in every formant (currently) known to man on the NET or on My favorite things to write are souhern cozy mysteries and like life, my characters and plot twists are full of adventure; reality; humor; romance; relationships; and colorful characters. An example is this thumbnail of a recent novel : "(title left out) is about BLOODY red murder; COLORFUL characters and clues scattred from New York to a small town in Tennessee; and has enough paranormal scenes in it to make the television paranormal shows GREEN with envy – enjoy!" Now – if you like a mystery – go to my list of works on Amazon and see if you can figure out which of my novels this describes. CLUE: It’s part of the Maryvale series.

Good luck and good reading to all of us,

Jackie Griffey 

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