Monthly Mash-ups: 7 Encouraging Posts For Writers

Being a writer is often lonely and thankless. If we’re fortunate, we can make a living by our words, but that can take years before it happens.

Here are 7 encouraging posts to keep you going  when it feels like you’re getting nowhere.

  1. Turning a Stall into a Start by Barbara McDowell — Sometimes life gets in the way of our writing. Barbara gives us a pep talk and suggests joining the ROW80 crew to keep us on track.
  2. Keep Money in Its Place by Rachelle Gardner — In this post, Rachelle reminds us that when we focus on the money instead of the joy of writing, we can lose that joy. Her suggestion is to “keep your writing life separate from your financial anxiety.”
  3. What are “Hidden Sales?” by Mary DeMuth — Most published authors, trad and self, have heard someone say they loved their book so much they just had to lend it to a friend. Mary gives us a way to look at those lost sales that puts it all in perspective.
  4. Why Fiction is Good for Your Heart by Colin Falconer — We’ve all heard how reading is good for our brains, but did you know reading fiction is good for your moral character? Colin leads us through how reading fiction is good for us.
  5. How Fiction Shapes Worldview by Mike Duran — If “all truth is God’s truth”, then we can use general truths to move our readers to specific Christian truths without needing to use specific scripture or dogma, according to Mike.
  6. Making God Your Partner — Fulfilling our visions, be it in writing a great book or anything else, means making connections. In this post I break down Cheryl Ricker’s 5 connections we must make to achieve our goals.
  7. Blog Better by Slowing Down by Timo Kiander — In this post, Timo takes us through his thoughts on why we should re-consider blogging multiple times per week, including avoiding burnout and broken relationships.

What other tips, tricks and posts do you know of that encourage you to keep writing?

This is a reprint from Virginia Ripple‘s blog.

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