The Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs (Updated)

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Whether a creative writer’s heart sits with prose, poetry, or both, there likely exists an author or aspirant author out there with something to offer his or her work. And that, friends, is why the Internet stands as one of the best possible tools for today’s emerging literati. Thanks to the online input of industry pros and fledgling dreamers, today’s writers enjoy some incredible opportunities to finely-tune their craft and seek personalized advice from those who came before.

We have updated our previous list to include some pretty nifty new reads since then, and we hope you’ll find them as advantageous and informative as we do! Please keep in mind that entries are not to be read as ranked in any particular order.


These reads cover a broad range of subjects concerning both novice and old-timer authors alike, making them particularly well-rounded starts to exploring the writerly corner of the blogosphere.

  1. Writer Unboxed:

    Authors and aspiring authors alike post their thoughts and ideas regarding the craft of writing as well as other related critical fields.

  2. Write Anything:

    eMergent Publishing’s cross-genre, international community of writers offers up prompts, advice, and pretty much everything else an up-and-coming author could possibly need.

  3. Inkygirl:

    Debbie Redpath Ohi rounds out her highly informative postings about writing (mostly for younger readers) with some fun, quirky illustrations and comics.

  4. WOW! Women on Writing Blog:

    This highly useful e-zine also hosts classes, workshops, contests, job postings, a writer’s market, and plenty more resources ardent wordsmiths need.

  5. Write to Done:

    Write to Done features some of the web’s most accessible, informative articles about the writing process to help readers tighten their abilities and learn more about the industry.

  6. The Urban Muse:

    Copy editor and freelance writer Susan Johnston dishes out advice and teaches classes on blogging and general authoring, posting much of what she’s learned right here.

  7. Writing Forward:

    No matter one’s creative writing passion, chances are Writing Forward has already covered it, so stop on over for delicious tips and tricks.

  8. Writer’s Blog:

    Hit up this one-stop digital shop when seeking out info about the publishing industry and expert advice on how to make it – and make it with an excellent body of work.

  9. Writerly Life:

    Check Writerly Life often, as novelist Blair Hurley enjoys challenging her readers with prompts, advice snippets, and other resources meant to bolster their craft.

  10. Creative Writing Contests:

    It should be pretty obvious what this blog is all about, but for those who never quite got the grasp of reading comprehension 101, it posts creative writing contests.

  11. Strictly Writing:

    Multiple authors from across different creative writing mediums blog about anything and everything related to their respective paths, from valuable techniques to getting published, and everything in between.

  12. Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog:

    And podcast, too! Give ol’ Morgan Bailey a visit and hear what authors across genres have to say about the craft of creative writing, recommended events, reviews, and plenty more.

  13. WEbook Blog:

    One of the largest online communities for writers keeps a wonderful blog packed with a wide variety of posts about improving, inspiration, and all components of the publishing process.

  14. Writers In The Storm Blog:

    Another great group blog encompassing a wide range of genres and creative mediums for an in-depth look at anything and everything the writerly world entails.

Aspiring and Emergent Authors

Follow the careers of — and, of course, network with! — writers hoping to publish their very first works as well as their counterparts with a little more experience to their names.

  1. Emerging Writers Network:

    The Emerging Writers Network focuses on bringing together novices into a supportive online community to trade resources, tips and tricks, and even reviews.

  2. Ficticity:

    Tim Bennett shares his short stories as well as experiences and advice culled from trying to break into the writing world.

  3. Plotmonkeys:

    Read up on what four different aspiring authors have to say about the art of literature and what they’ve been learning along their journeys.

  4. Emerging Writer:

    Author of the “dinky book” Some Poems Kate Dempsey chronicles all of the triumphs and tragedies behind getting published as a newbie to the industry these days.

  5. Macmillan New Writers:

    Macmillan hosts this nice little blog to help its emerging authors without a web presence promote their books and learn how to navigate Internet promotions.

  6. WriteWords Members’ Blogs:

    Wannabe writers gather at this wildly popular community and job listing service to share their philosophies, strategies, and sample pieces with the hopes of helping one another achieve their literary goals.

  7. The Aspiring TV Writer and Screenwriter Blog:

    This blogger chronicles her journey after college and before she manages to land her dream job in a specific creative writing industry.

  8. The WriteGirl Blog:

    WriteGirl encourages young women to take up the literary arts in order to voice their hopes, anxieties, and ideas to the world.

  9. The New Author…:

    Promoter and author SB Knight hopes this blog will serve as an informative reference to his contemporaries hoping to get their names out there.


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