5 Ways to Have Your eBook Done By Next Friday

This post, by Kim Letendre, originally appeared on the Book Marketing Alliance site.

A proven expert at writing and publishing eBooks, Jim Edwards just outlined his suggested methods for bringing your idea for an eBook to fruition very quickly.   I had to laugh when I heard him in an interview say that his mother thought he was selling porn on the internet – using his computer to make money just wasn’t the norm back in 1997.

OK, so he’s the expert!


He brings the possibility of making money to reality by creating salable content in a very short amount of time from ideas in your head.  People will buy your ideas if they can:  make money, save time, save money or be successful.  These are just a few of the reasons people will buy eBooks, and if you can combine a couple of those core hot buttons, you will have a target audience.

The steps Jim discussed in the first session of the Digital Publishing Summit were:

  1. Convert your existing material into an eBook.  Chances are, if you consider yourself knowledgeable on a subject, you may already have content written, in the form of articles, special reports, or simply notes that you have made for yourself.  When reworking or re-writing this content, keep in mind the audience you are targeting and the promise you have offered to fulfill.  If you keep those two pieces visible while you are rewriting your existing content, you will be writing from the subconscious.  Keeping the message visible in the title, the tagline and the overview will attract the person who needs to buy your book.
  2. Complete a written interview with an expert.  Have a list of questions available to ask a few experts.  These can be in the form of an email where you write the questions out to the experts you want to interview and then you assemble them into content.  One suggestion is to be sure you are the first “expert” that you are interviewing.  You have to be of the same caliber as the guests you are interviewing so you can be the person the reader turns to for answers.   Be sure you interview several experts, giving you varying as well as abundant content to be able to offer value.  Adding personal stories or comments throughout the book will give more substance and will give you credibility.


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