How Do Daily Ebooks Sold Figure into Amazon and Barnes and Noble Sales Rankings? Theresa Ragan Has The Scoop!

This post, by D.D. Scott and Theresa Ragan originally appeared on The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing on 5/14/12.

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Gosh, I sooo wish I’d come across this superfab scoop when I’d first started out in Indie Epublishing, but since I came across it this past week, I just had to share it with y’all!!!

A huge shout-out and thank you to Bestselling Amazon Author…and now Amazon Thomas and Mercer Author too

Theresa Ragan

for this beyond valuable info!!!

We featured Theresa in a fabulous Reader2Author Interview on yesterday’s RG2E, so check it out here:

And while I was getting that post ready to go, I browsed Theresa’s website and found that she had some terrific Real Numbers on how Daily Ebook Sales figure into Amazon Sales Rankings.

Here’s what she has on her Sales Ranking Chart Page:

The numbers below are based on MY experiences… I’m sure you can find other authors whose numbers are different from these…but the following s/b pretty darn close. The whole idea is to give you an approximate number of books you would need to hit the OVERALL Kindle List only.

The rankings are interesting to look at if you have a book out there and you are hoping to, for example as of January 2012, get on the Top 100 Romantic Suspense Bestsellers List on Amazon. If I look at the Romantic Suspense Kindle Ebook List and click on the book title of #99 or #100 and that book has a Bestsellers Rank of 3,865 (#99) and 3,875 (#100), then I know I need a 3,875 or better to get on that list. As of 1/7/12 Finding Kate Huntley is #18 with an overall ranking of 446 and selling over 125 books a day. ABDUCTED is #40 with an overall ranking of 1,087 and selling over 80 books a day. And Dead Weight is #69 with an overall ranking of 2,182 and selling about 65 books a day.

Amazon Bestsellers Rank is the number you find beneath the Product Description. Every book on Amazon has an Amazon Bestsellers Rank. Click on any title and then scroll down until you see it.

January 2012 update: rankings have changed substantially in the past few months and I’ve made changes to reflect rankings and sales according to MY books.


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