Writing As a Way To Express Your Feelings

Writing is like telling a story. There are a lot of reasons why peoplw write. They write to share their ideas, learnings and experiences. As for me, I write because I simply love to write. When you are mad or angry, you can take your anger off your head by writing it down and release what is inside you especially if you still do not have the courage to say it directly to the person. As well as love. It is very romantic for a couple especially for a girl to receive a letter from an admirer or from his loved one. And if you or your loved ones are far away from you, when you receive a letter from them, it puts a smile on your face. Writing is also a way of coummunication. Writing that comes from the heart has a great impact to a person. And whatever you are feeling, it reflects to the content of your writing.

About the Author:

A writer from California. I write because I love to write. It is a way for me to express love, hate, happiness, sorow and share my ideas. I am interested in politics and law. I write topics about the importance of a California car accident attorney and current news about politics. I also travel a lot and write about the place I recently visited.