Write to Express Yourself!

Portrait to painting

Writing is my passion. I considered it as my own way of keeping a Diary. Everything I feel, I see and I hear, I write it with no limit. When I write it gives me the satisfacion I want. It is as if I am sharing to the world everything that I learned through life, everything that I’ve been through. Whenever someone ask me why I always love to write, I can’t help but smile and tell them, "it’s my own way of expressing myself". If there is something I want to share, I write something about it, posted it and let everyone to see and read more about it. Writing is more than a passion to me. It helps me to grow and know the real person out of me. It’s a way of life, something that I can always put on and gives out my best in it!

About the Author:

Writing is considered a real passion if you want to express yourself. That’s exactly the reason why I love to write. I write from the heart. I know this is what I want to become. I write about things that interest me like Arts, specifically about Portrait to painting which I love to collect. I also write about travel, best destination and current events.



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