Do Indie Authors Deserve More Respect?

This post, by Suze Reese, originally appeared on her site on 2/16/12.

NOTE: Let me add to this post that I am a BIG FAN of indie writers and indie fiction. This post is totally pro-both! My hope is add to the discussion of how to help indies who are serious about their work compete in the market place and not be unfairly branded as junk.

Earlier this week, while preparing for Tuesday’s I HEART YA Blog Carnival, I was dismayed to see that my list of exciting, upcoming 2012 YA releases did not include many indie authors. There have been predictions that 2012 would be the year of the indie author. And maybe it will be. Or maybe Amanda Hocking and and John Locke are anomalies whose success won’t be repeated.

Are readers becoming more discriminating with their dollars? Do they expect a fully-edited manuscript even if they only pay a buck? One can hope so. There are some authors out there who tout the lack of a need for editing indie books. I’ve even heard it said that editing means nothing more than removing an author’s voice. I won’t make that an exact quote, but I will say I think that it is pure rubbish.

Let me make this perfectly clear: I believe every manuscript deserves to be edited, and no author can edit their own manuscript. The author already knows what happens next, or what the main character is thinking. There is just no way they can see the flaws of their own story. And you can quote me on that. recently gave four reasons for Indie Authors not getting respect. I suggest reading the full article, but I’ll make a quick summary:


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