Greenerside Digital Launches: Ebook Cards For All Authors!

We shared a guest post from author Cheri Lasota about using ebook gift cards to enable sales of a digital product (ebooks) in brick-and-mortar stores last October. Many authors wanted to know how to go about getting the cards produced to sell their own ebooks. Now, Greenerside Digital, the company Cheri partnered with for her ebook gift cards, is opening its doors to all authors. Greenerside Digital shares the news with a guest post on Cheri’s blog:

It is really great that our first guest blog post is on CheriLasota​.com, since Cheri was the very first author we part­nered with. Not only was she thrilled by the idea of using e-​​book cards to pro­mote her work, she has actu­ally gone on to use them very effectively.

The first place they were used was at the launch party for her novel, Artemis Rising, in Portland, Oregon. Because the novel was a dig­i­tal exclu­sive, it would have been dif­fi­cult to sell the work with­out some tan­gi­ble item to sell or give away. E-​​book cards just made sense. The direct result of hav­ing e-​​book cards at the launch was extra sales. And because the cost of each indi­vid­ual card was so cheap, the sale of each card was extremely profitable.

 Artemis Rising e-​​book cards are also being sold in a few Portland area book­stores. The book­stores Cheri and her pub­lisher part­nered with were thrilled to give the cards a try, and to date, have proven to be a very eye-​​catching, visu­ally appeal­ing item. In most cases, the cards are being sold at the store from behind the reg­is­ter. That is to say, cus­tomers pick up a dis­play copy out on the floor or ask for one at the reg­is­ter, then the clerk hands over the card there.

What else does Cheri plan to do with these cards? Whatever she wants! The appli­ca­tions con­tinue to reveal them­selves in new and inter­est­ing ways. For instance, Artemis Rising e-​​book cards con­tain an exclu­sive ver­sion of her novel, which fea­tures a bonus gallery of maps. Because of how our sys­tem is set up, Cheri can change the dig­i­tal con­tent linked to her e-​​book cards any time, allow­ing her to change or cre­ate new strate­gies for any mar­ket­ing cam­paign her or her pub­lisher may be planning.

Ordering e-​​book cards is easy. Simply pick your quan­tity and thick­ness, upload your e-​​book file and cover art, and let us do the rest. You will have the oppor­tu­nity to approve the design of your card before it prints.

Our team also has the abil­ity to build your e-​​book for you, and to do it beau­ti­fully and afford­ably. We can include cus­tom chap­ter head­ers, hyper­links to other web­sites, and images. Your e-​​book will be a lot more than some­thing to read.

E-​​book cards are quickly becom­ing the nat­ural “next step” in mar­ket­ing dig­i­tal con­tent. Visit our web­site at GreenersideDigital​.com or send an e-​​mail to info@​greenersidedigital.​com to learn more.

To see an exam­ple of what your book’s page would look like on Greenerside Digital, just click here. Also, you can check out Greenerside’s help­ful FAQ page, to learn how this all works.