Taleist 2012 Self-Publishing Survey

Steven Lewis‘s Taleist is administering a self-publisher survey. The results will be informative and helpful to self-publishers everywhere, and can be viewed immediately upon completing the survey, so please consider participating. From the site:

How are you doing as a self-publisher? It’s a hard question to answer isn’t it? What are you measuring against?

We’re taking a professional snapshot of the self-publishing industry.

There are self-publishing authors like JA Konrath, Amanda Hocking,  John Locke and (on a smaller but perfectly formed scale) Joanna Penn who are generous with their figures but they’re selling books from the tens of thousands to the millions. So does that mean you’re a failure if your figures are more modest? Or are you actually doing better than most? What is the average royalty earning for self-publishing authors? How long does it take for a self-published book to reach peak sales?

What are the most successful authors doing to market their books?

The Taleist 2012 Self-Publishing Survey will have the answers

I have partnered with Dave Cornford, an experienced consumer researcher and himself a self-publishing author. We’ve designed a survey that asks:

  • Who is self-publishing? (age, sex, background, experience)
  • How are we doing it? (full time, part time, on what platforms)
  • Why are we doing it? (can’t find a publisher, had a publisher but preferred to go indie, indie all the way!)
  • What’s working for us? (having more books for sale, marketing like a fiend, giving books away)
  • How are we doing? (sales and revenue)

Drawing on Dave’s experience we’re asking these questions in a way that we can follow all sorts of interesting threads, like looking for what successfully self-publishing authors have in common.

We need your help

There are 61 questions in the survey so it will take you a little time to complete it but just imagine how useful it will be to have a professional snapshot of what our “industry” looks like and whether you’re on the right path.

Our target is to reach 1,000 self-published authors to have a truly meaningful amount of data to work from. To do that we need your help.

We’re asking the self-publishing community to:

  1. Fill in the survey now!
  2. Share a link with your networks on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, word-of-mouth (e.g. by using the friendly icons below to link back to this post)
Let’s get to know ourselves better. Take the survey now!
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