Can I convert my manuscript into eReader format or do I need to pay someone?

It depends how skilled you are with computers. The way I produce eReader files is the following. I use Atlantis as my word processing program. One of its options is to save my work as an ePub file. I then transfer and open the ePub file using Calibre (a free program). I add my book cover and create an index. I can then use Calibre to convert the ePub file to any number file types, including MOBI for Kindle. I have successfully uploaded these files to a number of outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Google eBooks for example). Your word file needs to be correctly formatted to allow a smooth conversion for use in a eReader. It must be able to free-flow to accommodate the font size the reader chooses. As a result an eReader file does not have pages, headers, or footers. Follow the advice on file formatting given by Smashwords. The difficulty you have will be directly proportional to how jumbled up your word file is. Smashwords has guidance for that also. It’s not hard once you get the hang of it. I recommend installing the free eReader programs for Kindle and Nook on your computer so you can check your conversion before you up load it. Good luck.


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