How To Write Great Content When You Don't Feel Like It

This post, by Onibalusi, originally appeared on his YoungPrePro blog.

If you’ve been reading blogs online for sometimes now you will know that people always have varied opinions. When I started blogging I battled with creating great content for my readers on a consistent basis and whenever I try to research to find a solution to my problem I came across at least two entirely different opinions. The first one stating that I shouldn’t force myself to write, and the other one stating that I should force myself to write.


It can be really confusing over time for you to know which advice to follow but after almost 2 years of blogging I have come to see that both aren’t exactly the best advice. The reason is that making yourself to write only when you feel like it isn’t really effective because you might not even feel like writing for a whole month, and forcing yourself to write is also very dangerous because it can crush your creativity.

Since the above are the two common advice out there to help those who find it difficult to write great content, how do you ensure you keep on creating great content for your readers even when you don’t feel like it? This article will be giving you a few tips to help you write great content even if you’re not in the mood.

You should know that the tips in this article aren’t just something I’m rehashing by reading another person’s article, but something that has consistently worked for me.

Know What Makes You Tick

The first step you have to take towards ensuring you’re always coming up with great content is to know what makes you tick. The reality is that as human beings we’re all different, and that is why there’s no one-size-fits-all advice for making you a better writer.

It’s all about knowing what inspires you. It’s all about knowing what motivates you and it’s all about knowing what puts you in the mood to write. You might not easily know what puts you in the mood to write, especially if you’re someone who hasn’t been observing yourself but you should try to understand what puts you in the mood and makes you your creative self.

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