Take A Deep Breath And Fill The Creative Well

Everything is moving very fast right now.

Ebooks are going nuts with new Kindles, new markets and sites launching all over the place. Mid-list authors are leaving publishers and getting their back-lists launched online. Indie authors are getting signed to Amazon and Big Six publishing. There are blog posts from all sides being enthusiastic one day and then ripping the indies to bits the next.


We’re social networking, blogging, going multi-media, doing promotion and trying to write as many books as fast as possible to take advantage of the coming ebook boom.

It’s time to take a deep breath and remember what the hell we’re doing here.

It’s very easy to get swept away and be so frantic with production that we forget a few important things.

Life is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the writing process. Enjoy the editing. Enjoy creating something from nothing.

Enjoy the research and the knowledge we learn while we’re writing. Enjoying helping others along the journey.

Busy does not equal productive.

I am extremely guilty of this myself and am taking some time to consider my goals as an author-entrepreneur and what adds to this the most in terms of my activity. I’m also taking some time out from trying to finish my next novel, Prophecy. It’s so very almost there, but it’s not there yet and I need to step away to make space for the final pieces to come together. Thinking time is also productive.

I hit this point every six months or so and here I am again. Time to take a break and refocus.

Take time to refill your creative well

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