Plumber by Day, Writer by Night

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Indie author focuses on Internet intrigue

David Moore knows joy.

A native Charlottean and resident of Matthews’ Windrow Estates, Moore recently turned 50 and launched his career as an indie author with the debut of his second ebook, "The Collective, " which came out last week.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Moore has been a plumber for more than 30 years.

Currently the plumbing superintendent at P.C. Jackson Plumbing in Charlotte, he’s overseeing two 10-story and one 12-story office building and three parking decks being built in Ballantyne.

Plumbing pays the bills, helps take care of his wife of 26 years and has seen both his sons through college.

But when the work day is done, Moore returns home, turns on his computer and turns into Maxwell Cynn, author and publisher of "The Collective" and "CybrGrrl," which came out in 2008. (Moore estimates he has sold about 1,000 copies of "CybrGrrl" at $2.99 a download.)

Cynn is more than just a pseudonym; he holds the consciousness of what Moore calls his muse.

Moore says, "(Dr. Carl Gustav) Jung (the founder of Analytical Psychology) would call her my anima: that part of me that is just below the surface, that is creative and free, that knows no boundaries or responsibilities, that part of me that dreams."

Through Cynn, Moore plunges into a world where computers and the Internet become weapons used to brainwash and kill innocent Web surfers all in the name of research and development.