What Is Niche Publishing?

Niche Publishing Is For a Tightly Defined Market
Niche publishing means publishing to a very specific, tightly defined, focused audience. If, for example, you have been living in New York City’s Manhattan for many years, and have become an expert in ‘roof-top gardening in the city’, this would be your niche.  Your niche would not be ‘gardening in North America’. It also would not be ‘gardening in the North East’.

With Niche Publishing You Need to Become an Expert
To promote your books, and give yourself credibility with your readers, you would need to write articles, and a blog, and a website, etc., devoted to ‘roof-top gardening in New York City’. You might expand on this to cover all gardening within New York City. You would become well known as an expert in this subject. Therefore, your readers, which are your potential customers for your books, would believe that you have a very extensive knowledge about this subject, and happily buy your books that you write.

Niche Publishing Is Publishing With a Mission
After you successfully publish your book on your niche, you might decide to grow your self-publishing business into a niche publishing company. To do this you might go out and find other authors that you would like to publish.  These authors would most likely be experts in city gardening in each of the other big cities in the U.S. Your niche publishing company would become known as the publishing company that specializes in helping city-dwellers have a successful garden. This would be your company’s mission.

Niche Publishing Is the Best Way to Grow Your Company
This expertise, or focus, is what will drive readers to purchase books from your company. Your expertise and reputation will help you command a premium price for your publications. Your company’s niche and brand, and your reputation and authority on this subject, will give your company the ability to grow.

With Niche Publishing You Must Know Your Intended Audience
This is an essential part of your success. Since you have been ‘roof-top gardening in New York City’ for many years, and friends and neighbors already look to you for advice on this topic, and you read every book and article on this subject, you already have an intimate knowledge of your audience’s needs. You know what questions they have, and what problems they have. You have already developed your own tips and tricks, and do’s and don’ts, to having a successful roof-top garden. Now your mission is to share this knowledge with your readers.

This article was written by Joseph C. Kunz, Jr. and originally posted on KunzOnPublishing.com