Indie Author Guide Webinar Series Launches With Free, Monthly, Open Q&A Sessions

I’ve been a guest speaker for numerous webinars and have found them to be an excellent way to deliver presentations. Now that my book, The Indie Author Guide: Self-Publishing Strategies Anyone Can Use, is coming up on its one year anniversary since release, many of you are hoping to get your books available for sale in Kindle format in time for the holidays, and thousands of folks will soon have completed NaNoWriMo manuscripts and will be looking for next steps, I’ve decided to launch a series of my own webinars.

The foundation of my new webinar series is a free, monthly, hourlong Q&A session.

This monthly webinar is intended to serve as a supplement to my book, and therefore questions based on specific content from the book will take precedence. However, anyone may attend to get answers to any questions they may have about self-publishing, ebooks, author platform and related topics. The first of these webinars is already scheduled for Sunday, October 2 from 6-7pm PST (9-10pm EST). Register for the free Oct. 2nd Q&A here.

I’m planning to continue this free, monthly Q&A webinar at the same time on the first Sunday of each month, and will promote each webinar in advance on Twitter, Facebook, on my Indie Author Blog and elsewhere. The webinars will be presented with a mix of presentation materials and live chat. No special equipment or phone-in will be required of attendees, and you don’t even have to download any software!

In addition to the free, monthly Q&A, I’ll be offering more in-depth, webinar training workshops on specific topics of interest to self-publishers.

First up, based on a high level of interest in the topic, will be a webinar workshop on Simplified Kindle Publishing: Step By Step. In this webinar you can get plain English instructions in: how to get your manuscript properly formatted to meet Amazon’s Kindle specifications, convert it to Kindle format using free conversion tools, preview the resulting Kindle book (with or without a Kindle) and what to do if there are problems in the file when you preview it.

NOTE: the instruction given in the Kindle Publishing webinar will be specific to Windows PC users, please do not register for it if you are a Mac or Linux user.

Additional, upcoming webinar workshop topics will include Leveraging Amazon, Getting Started With Author Platform, Getting Started With Social Media, and Low- and No-Cost Book Marketing Opportunites. Again, details to be posted in the locations listed above as they become available.

I’m very excited about this great opportunity to provide you with the tools and skills needed to self-publish and promote your books as effectively as possible, and hope to "meet" many of you in my webinars soon!

April L. Hamilton is the founder and Editor in Chief of Publetariat.

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