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This is a post from my blog, http://roofmanthespy.wordpress.com/ . The excerpt is from my ebook, ROOFMAN: A True Story of Cold War Espionage. It illustrates how audio can be integrated into actual narrative:


This post shows a major conflict between me and my FBI case officer, Mike Berns, in particular and, by extension, the entire Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Bureau wants a list I have in my possession, but I don’t want to give it to them. Mike uses all the power of his agency to try to "convince" — read that "intimidate" — me  turning over to the FBI a list of innocent Americans.

Chapter 11: A House of Sand and Fog

On Friday, April 4th, I attended a conference sponsored by The Library Association of the City University of New York (LACUNY). The theme of the conference was the free flow of information across national boundaries — something I had more than a passing interest in.

The conference supplied all those who attended with a list of names and affiliations of other attendees. One of the names on the list, Anatoly Sidorenko of the United Nations library, drew my special attention.

On Monday, April 14th, I called Mike Berns, my FBI case officer, and told him about the LACUNY conference. He asked me to send him a copy that list. Ego spoke for me: "Sure."

Two days later, I smartened up when Conscience reminded me: "You’ll be turning over a list of innocents to the American intelligence community. That’s not how it works in this country, asshole!"

Go to the following website and click on “11-3” to listen to the phone conversation associated with this post:

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