Value Pricing – One for Self-Pubbers

This post, by Aimee Salter, originally appeared on her Seeking The Write Life site on 6/28/11.

I took a bunch of flack for my previous posts on self-publishing in which I criticized the business model.  I think most self publishing authors thought I was hiding a derision for the industry behind a business-minded opinion piece.
They were wrong.

Self publishing has been on my radar for years and I think it can be done, when it’s done well.  But I also think it’s (currently) difficult and costly to do well.  Also, rife with potential hiccups that could have far-reaching consequences for an author’s career.

But just to prove that I have actually seriously considered the issue, and to maybe help out anyone with the gonads to give it a shot , I’ll tell you one of the things I would do, if I were going to do it.

Assuming you can overcome the obstacles I see in the process to self-publication, there’s a very, very big business decision to be made:

$$  Price  $$

I see a lot of hubbub out there right now about the $1 e-book.  I can see why authors would do it, and I can see why readers would buy it.  It’s really a no-risk purchase for a reader – which in turn equates to more sales for the writer. 


Hmmm… I’m thinking that depends on what you want out of your writing career.

Quick Marketing Lesson

I’m not going to get into the intricacies here, but I want to put a concept in front of you:

When a reader pays a price for a product, their perception is that the product is worth that much.  That means:

1.  If they want something and it costs too much, their perception is that they’re being screwed over and they will look for other ways to find the product cheaper or a cheaper alternative. 

2. If they need something and it’s cheaper than expected, their perception is that they got a bargain.


But here’s the problem:


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