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Everyone loves a good spy story … especially when it’s true.

Double-agent’s memoir integrates actual taped phone conversations into e-book


Colorado Springs, Colorado, July 21, 2011 – How does a roofer with a Master’s degree in Library Science become a double agent recruited by the FBI, the Russian GRU and KGB? In John Pansini’s explosive new memoir, you’ll learn exactly how an “average Joe” was recruited by some of the world’s most powerful intelligence services.

But what makes this new book release truly unique is the embedded recordings of the actual conversations between Pansini and his spy masters and handlers. Ten of the seventeen chapters that make up Roofman: A true story of cold war espionage have embedded conversations taped by Pansini throughout his years as a spy during the height of the cold war in the 1980’s.
“What I have published has never been done before. This is an “enhanced” ebook with real conversations of real people,” said Pansini, the author of this revealing new memoir. The fact that most of these ‘real people’ also happen to be spies and spy-chasers make’s ROOFMAN all the more "intriguing". 
Those interested in receiving a review copy of Roofman: A true story of cold war espionage may request a free copy of the memoir by emailing him at roofmanpansini@aol.com. Please specify which publication you represent and in which format you would like the review copy (available format’s include .Pdf, epub or mobi).
The author is available for interviews. Please email John Pansini at roofmanpansini@aol.com with “Interview Request” clearly printed in the subject line. For more information on Roofman: A true story of cold war espionage, please go to http://www.roofmanthespy.com/

To listen to all the embedded audio tapes, please go to http://www.roofmanpansini.com




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