The Arc of Publishing and Other Predictions

This podcast and accompanying transcript are provided in their entirety by the Copyright Clearance Center’s Beyond the Bookcast.

In May at the annual BookExpo America in New York City, CCC’s Skott Klebe spoke on The Arc of Publishing.

“What I’m talking about is predicting the future,” he told the Javits Center audience. “And that’s really hard, right? People get the future wrong all the time… But some futures are very predictable. With that in mind, let me ask, does the future of publishing have a predictable arc?”

For his illustrated lecture, Klebe examined the characteristics of market disruption, and how they apply in the changing world of eBook publishing, with special attention to the author-direct publishing model currently gaining attention on the Kindle and Nook.

Klebe’s presentation earlier this year to the Tools of Change conference caught the ear of Andrew Albanese from Publishers Weekly. “Klebe’s point: with technology, the wars [over e-books will] never really end,” Albanese noted enthusiastically. “There is constant tension between innovators, and entrenched interests.”

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