13 Reasons Why You Didn't Get Followed Back

This article, by Lauren Dugan, originally appeared on Mediabistro on 1/4/11.

You created your Twitter account, followed some accounts in your niche, and started writing your first few tweets. But after a few days, you notice that your follower account hasn’t budged above 15, while you keep following piles of accounts yourself. Don’t get discouraged! Here are 13 reasons why you aren’t getting followed back, so you can revise your strategy and grow those followers.


  • No profile picture. Spam accounts are notorious for not uploading a profile picture. If you still have that little white egg as your pic, change it today and we bet those potential followers who were a little leery of your account will start following you back.
  • Profile picture too (unprofessional/revealing/risqué/etc.) Some people simply won’t follow you if your profile picture is offensive to their minds. Think about your target audience, and consider toning down your pic if it might be the reason people are turned off of your account.
  • No biography. Although you only have 160 characters to write it, the bio is one of the most important elements of your Twitter profile. Be sure to have one, and to target it to your audience, as many people will simply not follow accounts with blank bios.
  • No link to website. This usually isn’t a complete follower killer, but there are some who won’t follow you back unless you have a website somewhere.

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