ROOFMAN: Nail-banger, Librarian & Spy

Everybody loves a good spy story – especially if it’s true. The ebook I’ve just self-published is a memoir about a roofer with a Master’s degree in library science and his experience as a double agent recruited by the FBI, GRU & KGB in New York City during the 1980’s. That roofer is… ME!
What distinguishes this ebook from every other non-fiction book out there, is the actual wire tap audio files that have been embedded into ten of the seventeen chapters.  Check out my site ; click on  Free Reads and you will see how nicely the audio fits with the chapters. Click on click on Roofman Bugs the Buggers and have some fun.
What I have published has never been done before. This is an “enhanced” ebook with real conversations of real people. If e-publishing is the cutting edge, then ROOFMAN is a razor on that edge.

John Pansini (Roofman The Spy)