Goshen College Amish & Mennonite Author List

Why am I interested? I write Amish fiction, and I’m on the list. After I self published I’ve always been on the lookout for free websites to promote my books. It was my worry that I’d write a book that doesn’t sell after I hired a firm to promote for me. What works for me might not be the way most authors publish and sell their book. I’ve put my books in different author sites and blog posts, thinking that might take longer than paid advertising, but I wouldn’t lose money. Besides, I can always work on another book at the same time.


At the same time, I’m always looking for other sites I can submit to. That’s why I put my name or book titles in google search often to see what has turned up on the Internet. Some of the links are where my books are sold and many of the google searches came from my promoting and blog posts. I like it when I find what I’ve done so far leads to a submission on google that I didn’t submit. This information I found recently. The website is Center for Mennonite Writing

Ervin Beck, Professor Emeritus of English at Goshen College is editor of Journal of the Center and maintains the website. He wanted to write an article about serial fiction by and about Mennonites and Amish. He intended to make a list of authors and knew of eleven. So he sent his list to Joe Springer, Curator of Goshen College. The list of authors Professor Beck got back was about three times longer.

Professor Beck complied an informal bibliography containing a complete listing of authors, brief biographies, name of series, publishers, individual books and dates of publication which is listed on his website.

Guess what? The first two books in my Nurse Hal Among The Amish series had made Joe Sprinter’s list. He’s always on the look out for new authors and their Amish or Mennonite books so he keeps an up to date list. Information is in the Mennonite Historical Library list at Goshen College.

What didn’t make the list was the stand alone titles such as Jodi Picoult’s best selling Plain Truth. Since this is the first list he’s posted some fiction series probably have been unintentionally omitted. Professor Beck says corrections and additions are welcome.

Later I checked again and found another list of Amish books on a Bethel College, Kansas site Mennonite Library & Archives complied by Barbara A. Thiesen. Joe Springer had helped her with the list and for 2007 – 2008 he had added my Amish book Christmas Traditions which isn’t in the series and happens to be in the library. Actually, the main character in that book is in my Nurse Hal series but adding her to the series came as an after thought.

As the writer of Amish fiction, the lists were interesting to read. Of course, I was thrilled to find my name made both lists. It’s an honor to be included. I was surprised since I’m new as an author and an Independent one. When I wrote the first Nurse Hal book I didn’t think about starting a series. That idea came from the readers of the first book A Promise Is A Promise. They wanted me to keep writing about Nurse Hal. It’s amazing how everything seems to fall into place for a reason. The powerful reach of the Internet doesn’t hurt, either. That helps me pick up new readers interested in my books.


This is a reprint from Fay Risner’s BooksByFay blog.

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