Five Books Out, The Sixth On Its Way

Over the past several years I have brought out five books in various formats, all currently self-published. The first, Worldmaker, was originally published by Ace Books in the ’80s. It is now a self-published book througn iUnivers’s Back-In-Print imprint. Then there were two sf novels released through BookLocker — Soldier of ‘Tween and Shadow Run. Those three are the sf.

I have a mystery/Suspense novel out there, In Pursuit of the Enemy. It was released through Infinity Press.

And, finally, I collected my short stories into a collection titled Spaceships and Brass Knuckles. This I released only as an e-book.

I am working on another mystery/suspense, titled Hollow Point, which I hope to have ready for release in a month or two.

I’m glad I found this site. Looks like there’s much great information here, and a fantastic community!

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