The Crack in the Lens – Actor's & Teacher's Pocket Tax Guide

I added 3 more ebooks to Barnes & Noble Pubit over the weekend. The Actor’s Pocket Tax Guide, the Teacher’s Pocket Tax Guide and a Novel The Crack in the Lens. I am very impressed with their speed and efficiency. I uploaded The Crack in the Lens at 2:30 am Monday morning and it was selling by 9:30 am! A seven hour turnaround!

At first the print editions of The Crack in the Lens and the Writer’s Pocket Tax Guide were not all synching together and not everything was coming up under searched of my name, but they fixed that within hours.

On the other hand, things at Google Books/Editions are stuck at "processing." Not happy with them.

Hope to be uploading to Kobo, Sony and Kindle soon.

Darlene Cypser

Foolscap & Quill, LLC