Good Reads Challenge

Jan. 4th post – Historical de Genre Tour on Good Reads sponsored by host site Bitsy Bling Books for the year 2011, and I signed up for the challenge. My reading time consists mostly of evenings during a television show I don’t like or during the commercials of a show I do like. I love to read. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genre so what few books I do get read in this year I will be more than happy to enter at Good Reads.

A good many of the historical books I read are westerns which might not be what the challenge was all about, but I may be able to add a few other books to the list. Good westerns are hard to find these days. Only one modern writer (Larry McMurty) can create a western like the authors Zane Gray and Louis Louis L’Amour including myself, and I have two western books to my credit – The Dark Wind Howls Over Mary and Small Feet’s Many Moon Journey which are part of my Stringbean Hooper series.

I’ve always liked Civil War books so I wrote one about the area where I was born – Ella Mayfield’s Pawpaw Militia-Civil War Saga in Vernon County, Missouri. I should add the plug that all three books are sold in Amazon paperback and kindle, B&N nook or from my bookstore for the folks who like westerns.

I’ve been a member of Good Read for awhile. At first, I added the books I wrote just to advertise. In the last year, I added books I read. So getting involved in the Historical Tour will help get me into the habit of reading and participating. No matter what genre I read, I always pay attention to the author’s writing style. It’s a good learning experience for me and no matter how much I write I feel I always want to strive to do a better job.

Reading is my winter stay in the house evening project. During the day, I’ve been working on my mother-in-law’s life story for the family since September which is her life story in her words, family pictures and family tree. In the last couple of weeks, I thought I was about done with setting the book up and unfortunately lost the whole project twice. The book set up I tried said temporary on it, and I guess the program meant it. In about 48 hours, I couldn’t find my book. Of course, I always assume I’m at fault where a computer is concerned so I tried again and lost the whole thing again. Thank goodness I held onto the original document to copy and paste in my own book set up. Now I am intent in the next few days on finishing this book and moving on to another.

Learning about my 90 year old mother-in-law has been a fun experience. This will be one family member we don’t have to wonder in the future why we didn’t ask questions. I’m proud of the fact that her legacy will be passed down through the family because of my ability to interview and write her story. How do I know the great grandchildren will be able to own a copy of this book? So far the total is six and each of them is going to receive a copy of Grandma’s book as a gift with my birthday card.

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