Love In The Time Of Amazon – A Book Trailer About Sales Rank

John Yunker and his wife Midge Raymond are both authors. They decided to make a single book trailer to promote both of their books, and they decided to make it funny. As John explains:

This video was born out of two challenges I had been facing since I published my novel The Tourist Trail — how to create a book trailer that was fun to watch and how to cure myself of my obsession with Amazon sales rank. My wife Midge is a published writer (Forgetting English) and she too knows what it’s like to spend way too much time on Amazon.

We filmed the video over a long weekend using an iPhone. The editing took quite a bit longer. The good news is that the trailer has really taken off — and not just among writers. And now we’re planning to do another one. Anything to keep us from actually writing.

Unfortunately, I’m still a little too obsessed with my sales rank.

PS: Here are the web sites of our books: