Reader, Writer, Publisher ~ Wearing Three Hats Can Be Dangerous

Do I really mean that being a reader/writer/publisher is dangerous? Well, when I look at the word history of dangerous, I see that it comes from roots that mean the power of a lord…

And, “lord” comes from roots that mean “one who guards the bread”…

So, yes, if you’re contemplating using your experience as a reader to power your writing as you promote your way toward self-publishing, you’re becoming the lord of the process and guarding that bread can become dangerous.

Lest I overlook that word “bread”, let’s hope that this dangerous process leads to a very nourishing food for your readers…

I’ve explored reading in this blog when I wrote about re-writing as we read.

I looked into writing when I posted about the creative responsibilites of the author.

And, publishing got a nod with Self-Publishing Can Be Just As Creative As Writing.

Over the last two years, I came from the bare idea of a book, carried it through initial promotional-feedback activities, experimented with a form for it, wrote it, and sent it to my editor. The last few months have been full of study and practice of pre-publication promotion. The book, Notes from An Alien, should be coming out in April…

The most dangerous thing about being the lord of all these activities has been keeping my head on straight as I switched hats 🙂

Very soon, as I continue the promotion activities (and promotion is a critical part of the publishing process), I’ll be adding the reader and writer hats to my all-to-human head so I can get the final revisions accomplished and preen my baby for her social debut.

Have you experienced this dangerous process?

Are you contemplating braving the perils?

Have you done what I’m attempting and not felt imperiled at all?

Oh, please, share your thoughts and feelings in the comments…
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