Change Is Exhilarating And Scary

This post and podcast were produced by the Copyright Clearance Center’s (CCC) Chris Kenneally. They originally appeared on the CCC’s Beyond the Book site on 1/9/11, and are provided here in their entirety with the site’s permission. The CCC has also provided a link to the podcast transcript, just beneath the podcast player widget, after the jump.

 “That’s the nature of change,” notes publishing pundit Mike Shatzkin, recalling the last twelve months in the book industry and looking forward to the upcoming Digital Book World Conference that opens January 24 in New York City.

His DBW colleague Guy LeCharles Gonzalez senses optimism as the conference readies for its second annual gathering. The program emphasizes, “the opportunities that are ahead, while not ignoring the challenges that publishers are facing,” he tells Chris Kenneally. “The reality [is] that people still read. E-books are an opportunity for even more people to read, particularly when you look beyond the U.S. into international markets where e-books now make growth a real opportunity.”


Click here for a pdf transcript of the podcast.



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