Can An Angel Be A 51-year-old Guy from Colorado?

My answer to this post’s title is, Yes!!

I’m not sure about the meanings of “angel” that include the winged variety but the ones who live up to the root meaning of angel, Messenger, are alive and well; and, one of them, in the guise of Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick–husband, father, son, brother, author–from Southwest Colorado, has given me an angelic gift that can only help me in my never-ending efforts to promote my forthcoming book, Notes from An Alien.

I met Joel in the forums of BestsellerBound, “…a place for independent authors to connect with readers.”

That was months ago and he seemed like a great person. He even shared some feedback with me about my book 🙂


Last month, he dropped an Angel Bomb. He offered me and 62 other authors a chance to be included in three Anthologies that would have the first chapters from our books along with pictures, bios, and Web links. And, not only did he take on all the work to produce these e-books, he’s distributing them as widely as he can! And, they’re Free!!

I uploaded them to this blog and I’ll put the links at the end of this post. But first, a few words from Joel himself:

“Book marketing, it turns out–immediately–can be quite a chore. It is not always something Indie authors can make a great deal of time for.  All of us Tweet, and Facebook, and link in other places like crazy, but, visibility is something that is not easily generated, with those short bursts.

“I wondered for a long time, what good effort would provide the highest visibility. Free books seem to get lots of attention. Many people seem tempted to at least sample free items when they are available. Yet, even that can be a crowded arena.

“All that wondering led me in a very natural direction; the great forum at , that is a growing group of really fine people, all with a similar problem as mine. I guessed they could be collected, in a massive promotion that could be unique.  I could not imagine any other display with such appeal. All I needed to do, was ask.

“They responded, in droves. It has been more fun, putting all those authors together, than I expected. And a lot less work that anyone might imagine. (But, leave that part secret…we don’t want too many copycats.  :-)”
~ Joel

Joel has four novels to his credit…

And, here are those Anthologies the Angel Joel created:

I’d *love* your feedback about this angelic promotion gift in the comments 🙂

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