O.K. Last post before my holiday break and I think the title is a real challenge–a challenge for me… What to write?…

I am an author. There is a reality out there (and, in here). Let me take a crack at reading it:

"Our globe is pregnant with crisis. Most of us have no solid idea of what will happen next. Some of us are toiling to fix things but they keep breaking. Some of us are speeding toward personal goals with no awareness of the severity of the crisis. Then, there are those so stunned they’re walking in a dream–or, a nightmare…

"This global crisis has been rolling along for decades; speeding up lately; and, seeming to carry a message: ‘Stop The Bickering! We’re All One Family!!’"

O.K. That’s my short reading of what I see going on…

And, since I’ve posted before about the reader re-writing what the author produces, how have you re-written what I just wrote?

Is the crisis I wrote about just a temporary bother?

Have you already written-off the human race?

Did solutions to the crisis spill out of my words through your mind?

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Closing Thought:

I’ve been reading reality for a long time. I finally got to a place where I felt ready to re-write it as a book. That’s what the rest of this site is about…

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