More Free Writing Contests

If writers that read my blog are interested when I went back to the NaNoWriMo site, I found there are two more free 50,000 word contests like the November one. If you have time and want to try writing a book in a month before November check out the June and September contests. You should be able to Google search the contests.

In April comes April’s Script Frenzy if you want to write a play.

January is Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. I don’t think I can place with my entry but I get a free proof from Create Space where I get most of my books published so I will work on an entry for this contest.

All of these contests are watched by publishing companies and agents. What can be better a free contest that leads to being discovered.

Another 1500 word short story contest was offered by Authonomy website. I didn’t get the email until this last week and the deadline was yesterday. The subject was about a pet or any other animal you have encountered. I am a member of that site so I entered the contest. When I think of short stories idea I write the stories and store them on a disk so I’m prepared.

There will be ten winners picked by author Julia Romp and her son George. Ms. Romp has just published a non fiction book A Friend Like Ben. She will be giving a signed copy to each of the winners.

Happy Writing