15 Commandments For Writers

This post, by Bill Walker, originally appeared on his site on 12/3/10.

I posted these once before and thought now would be a good time to re-post them. I don’t who the original author of these commandments is so if you do please let me know so I can give the author appropriate credit.

As you set your writing goals for the new year, stop and think about this list of commandments for writers.  Which one(s) do you need to work on?

  1. Thou shalt think like a professional, starting now.

  2. Thou shalt begin and keep going till you’re through.
  3. Thou shalt take your efforts and desires seriously.
  4. Thou shalt call it work.
  5. Thou shalt write for yourself, not the market.

  6. Thou shalt not wait for visits from the muse.
  7. Thou shalt not ask whether you are good enough.


Read the rest of the post, which includes ten more writer commandments, on Bill Walker‘s site.

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