23 (More) Websites That Make Your Writing Stronger

This post, by Suzannah Windsor Freeman, originally appeared on Write It Sideways on 8/17/10.

A while back, I posted a list of 23 websites and blogs that make your writing stronger.

The post was, and still is, a favourite with readers.

Since writing the list, I’ve subscribed to a number of other sites that continue to help me in my writing journey. They cover fiction, freelance writing, blogging, publishing, and more.

If you want to learn more about writing or enhance your natural strengths, check out the following resources (in no particular order.)

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There Are No Rules
1) There Are No Rules: Jane Friedman, publisher at Writer’s Digest and regular contributor at Writer Unboxed, always has a wealth of helpful information on fiction, publishing, and self-promotion. Each week, she also shares a list of the Best Tweets for Writers.
Word Love
2) Word Love: Randy Susan Meyers, author of The Murderer’s Daughters, shares great tips on writing fiction.
Write For Your Life
3) Write for Your Life: Copywriter Iain Broome, whose first novel has found literary representation, provides information on all types of writing, and includes regular videos and podcasts.
Victoria Mixon's Advice Column
4) Victoria Mixon’s Advice Column: This professional writer and editor offers a no-nonsense approach to writing and publishing advice.


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