Why Do People Resent Indie Authors?

This post, by Ruth Ann Nordin, originally appeared on Self-Published Authors Lounge on 9/24/10.

I could insert “self-published” into that title, but as an “intelligent” person suggested on one of those “lovely” forums, “Indie means you go with a small publisher.  Self-published means you did it yourself…without the help of an editor, blah, blah, blah.”

There are people who are out there who don’t understand the nature of publishing and the distinct difference between a commercially/traditionally published small press author, a self-published (via vanity press) author, and a true indie author.  Now you know why I have to use the term “self-published” all the time.  A lot of people just don’t get the distinction so to save myself the headache of having to spell it out for them, I opt to make it simple.

Now, how many small press authors consider themselves “indie authors”?  Anyone want to raise your hand on that one? 

Okay.  So this is why I should not go on those stupid forums on a certain website.  I should probably avoid all forums since there’s usually a group of people without a clue.  They don’t do the research, and then they spout their opinions as if they know something when those who know the facts sit back and shake their heads at the person’s lack of knowledge on the subject.

So what prompts this particular rant? 

I’m glad you asked. 

I am sick and tired of this attitude running amok the forums where if a person so much as dares to praise an “indie” book, that author is automatically accused of gathering her friends into a circle so they can suggest a book.  And you know why this author gets accused of this?  Because this is an author who’s been “self-published” instead of “indie published with a small publisher”.  (Hey, their words, not mine.) 


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