A New Publetariat Member Benefit

Many of Publetariat’s members are active bloggers on the site, and there’s a lot of quality material being posted in member blogs. Prompted by member LJ Sellers, the author of the blog entry being reprinted today as a feature article, I’ve decided to add a new member feature/benefit to the Publetariat site.

The ten most recent member blog posts are already featured on the front page of the site in a link list in the right-hand column, but beginning with this post, once a week I will personally scan that top ten list for an article to be promoted to the front page as a feature article. I may not always find a post that meets the site’s editorial criteria, but I will be actively seeking them.

The goal is to provide useful content to site members and visitors while providing site members with an outlet for wider exposure. People who like what they find in a blog post are likely to click through and view the author’s member profile, and may even be inspired to go a step further and follow any links they find there for the author’s website(s) and book(s). In a way, it’s like bartering for free advertising on the Publetariat site.

In order to make the cut a post must be on a topic of interest to other site members and visitors, it must be professionally presented (occasional typos happen, but in general the piece must be grammatically correct, with proper spelling and punctuation), it should not have a primarily self-promotional focus, and must be of a length comparable to the site’s usual feature article content. Note that all content posted to this site remains the intellectual property of the author, so don’t worry that having your blog posts promoted to feature article status will force you to surrender any rights to the material.

So members, update your member profiles with links to your external sites and book pages, and start blogging! I’ll be watching.  =’)

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