Amazon's Digital Text Platform Does Not Do Audio?

I uploaded my ebook, ROOFMAN: Nail-Banger, Librarian & Spy, to Amazon’s Digital-Text-Platform and saved it as a draft. The book contains 63 minutes of audio in 32 mp3 files embedded into the chapters.

Everything was good to go until I found out that DTP does not do audio! Their tech support said I will have to remove all my audio links. That means that if I publish with DTP without the  audio I will be putting out an inferior product. My book is a nonfiction account of my adventures as a double agent for the FBI against Soviet intelligence in the 1980s. The embedded audio is from secret recordings I made of secret agents — including the FBI.

I know the Kindle does play mp3 files, so I can’t understand why DTP can’t integrate my text and audio into their device.

At the moment my ebook is in pdf and all the images and audio work really well on lap/desktops. I assume they will read equally well on i-Pads or other tablet computers.

In my opinion, if Kindles and other e-readers do not support audio capabilities in enhanced ebooks they will soon render themselves obsolete.