The Seven Secrets To Ebook Publishing Success

This post, by Mark Coker, originally appeared on The Huffington Post on 10/6/10.

In July, the Association of American Publishers reported that for the first five months of 2010, eBooks accounted for 8.5 percent of a trade book sales, up from about 3 percent for all of 2009.

Whether you’re a self-published indie author or a large traditional publisher, the opportunity to reach readers with books has never been greater.

How do you reach these readers? Obviously, the first step is to release all your books as eBooks. But then what?

This past weekend at the Self Publishing Book Expo in New York, I presented my Seven Secrets to eBook Publishing Success. I embedded the presentation below for your Powerpointing pleasure.

The presentation builds on a previous presentation (and blog post here) I gave at NYU on how the rise of indie eBooks will transform the future the future of publishing.

For the SPBE session, I added new material, including the all-new seven secrets plus one bonus secret that covers how authors can maximize the virality of their books.


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