Pip: A Very Special Little Caterpillar

Today’s blog is about the world-wide introduction of Pip: a Very Special Caterpillar. Pip’s creator, my very good friend for many years, Becky Macri, along with (people) illustrator Bonita Feeney, have created Pip, the youngest of six caterpillars, that faces some very big issues and challenges. This tender story of the enduring love between parent and child is sure to become a classic.

Becky is officially an author/ illustrator with the publication of Pip: A Very Special Caterpillar you can discover her books and some of her art on her website www.rebeccamacribooks.com
Becky, the Mother of two very special boys, has been married to my 20+ year friend Steve. Collectively they are a great family, the makeup of which has enabled the naturally-talented Becky to exercise her natural creativity to the fullest.    In the interest of clarity, Becky created all of the illustrations in acrylics – less the people. These were created by Realism Artist Bonita Feeney, a 30+ year talent whose work you can see on her website: http://bonitafeeney.blogspot.com/
With playful illustrations and a message that reaches deep into the hearts of every reader, Pip is sure to make you smile and tug at your heartstrings! Pip’s story weaves its way lovingly through the issues of children with special needs, the death of a parent, and the vastness of a mother’s love.
Pip is not a children’s story of colors and numbers, it is a story of character, values and how Love shapes the world around us. It is sure to become a family classic, reaffirming the power of love, hope and perseverance in the hearts of all who read it.   Join Pip and his friends on a stroll through the flower garden that has been set before you. Pip is about to show you what it means to truly fly. Let the mending of saddened hearts begin.
Buy the book at Becky’s interesting website by clicking the link below.
May God bless you all!