Wattpad Global Ebook Metrics Report, Q2 2010

From the Wattpad site:

Wattpad Global Ebook Metrics Reports

Wattpad is the pioneer in ebook cloud services. With over 5 million downloads supporting over 1000 phone models from 600 mobile operators, Wattpad is also the most popular mobile ebook application. As a result, Wattpad can analyze every usage, read, search, click and uses this to optimize its services. These reports offer a snapshot of the data to provide insight into trends in the ebook ecosystem.

2Q 2010 Report Highlights

The Apple iPad has been quickly adopted for ebook consumption since its introduction in April 2010. The iPad accounted for 5% of all iOS devices.

The growth of smartphones continue to come from North America and Europe, whereas Java devices continue to lead growth in Asia.

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