Kindle Post Featured On iFOGO Village & More Author Sites

What a nice surprise to get an email to let me know that my blog post from last week – Kindle Book Sales A Surprise – has been featured on Thank you iFogo Village.

I read in an Amazon discussion that another author was surprised at how well his book was selling on Kindle after not getting as good a result for his hardcover book. Made me wonder just how many Kindles have been sold. Maybe sales would dry up soon. Also, on the discussions, I’ve seen it written that Kindle users were running out of their favorite genre to download. They were asking for help in finding electronic books they hadn’t read yet. Maybe that is why Amazon raised the royalty fee for authors, encouraging them to download on Kindle.

This morning I had an answer to my wondering. At the bottom of the screen on Good Morning America, the scroll stated Amazon’s sales of electronic books surpassed sales of hardcover books for the first time.

Looks like I picked the right time to download on Kindle. However, I’m not giving up on my paperback books. So many people stare at computer screens all day. Their eyes need a rest from that glare which means they are more likely to pick up a book. Call me old fashion but trying to relax after a busy day with a electronic device to read just isn’t the same as getting cozy with a book.

This week I want to share sites I promote my books on. This is just a few that I know about. There are many more on the internet to try so I keep looking for the ones that are right for me to join. If you don’t know about the sites in my list, check them out to see if any of them will be helpful to authors looking for places to put portions of their books for readers, agents or publishers to find. Some of the sites have an upgrade which you have to pay for, but I stick to the free plan. I like the sites that have a link to the social sites I belong to, because I can get an added announcement from that each time I add a book. When an author submits to these sites, Google crawler picks up book titles and authors to add to Google search. – displays the first chapter of your book and shows how many hits have been made to read it

Stumbleupon – just found this site. It has 23 book related links to check out. This site does reviews.

One more newsletter – Author Marketing Experts, Inc. – Penny C. Sansevieri, Editor

This free newsletter has some helpful tips for marketing and provides link.


Absolute Write watercooler – Forum topics you can check out. I’ve gotten information on publishers and agents I was curious about by reading authors posts.

Writers Beware – warnings about literary frauds, scams, deceptions and pitfalls listing agents and publishers you might not want to submit your query to. Definitely, a helpful site.







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